Specialized Services - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Specialized Services

The YMCA strives to provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for all children and families. The centre creates experiences for all children to discover similarities and embrace differences within themselves and others. Our commitment to meet the needs of all our children is realized through:

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As an inclusive program, accommodations and allowances are made for children with special needs and allergies. Procedures and Day Nursery Act Policies are in place to facilitate management of medication, food sensitivities and life threatening allergies.

It is our practice to work with the parents of the child to ensure the environment is safe and secure.

We also work with the other parents and children in the centre to increase their knowledge and understanding of any special circumstances provided parental permission has been obtained.

For example, when a child has a severe allergy, a protocol is developed with each family. This protocol is communicated and posted so that all educators/students/supply and support staff are aware of the child's situation and can initiate action if required. Should a child have a life threatening allergy, we will request a photo of the child to accompany the protocol. Severe food allergies will result in restrictions of the food served within that centre so as not to put the child at risk.

All educators and other staff working with the child will receive specific orientation to each individual child's protocol and plan of action.

Relationships with Community Support Agencies

Collaborating with other community agencies facilitates early identification and intervention as well as a comprehensive support network. The YMCA has established relationships with agencies such as KidsLink for behavioural supports, KidsAbility for speech and language services, Cambridge Community Living - Preschool Services, K-W Habilitation Services for resource teacher consultations regarding physical, developmental and behavioural situations