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Member Communications

For Health and Wellness Members

Updated July 21 2022

Day Camp Begins July 4th 

Summer is quickly approaching! Beginning Monday July 4th, we will be welcoming campers into our Health and Wellness facilities for summer day camp. Members can expect to see campers in and around our facilities Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Please be prepared for additional traffic in our parking lots during camper drop off (8:00am-9:00am) and pickup (4:00-5:00pm) and be sure to drive through the parking lot slowly and carefully to keep campers and members safe.   


Parent/Caregiver Participation in Swim Lessons 

As COVID restrictions and guidelines continue to evolve, we will soon be making a change to our swim lesson protocols for parent/caregiver support. Starting on Monday May 2, parents/caregivers will no longer be required to be in the water for YMCA Preschool and YMCA Learn to Swim – Otter/Seal lessons. We welcome those still wishing to remain in the water with their swimmers for the remainder of this spring session (ending June 26) to do so. Parent/caregiver participation for our Splashers and Bubblers program will remain as well as the requirement to drop your child off on the pool deck at the start of the lesson/pick up after the lesson if they are under 10 years of age. 


Lane Swimming Procedures 

As we continue to welcome new and returning members into our facilities, you may notice an increase in participation in programs such as lane swim. During busy lane swim times, this may mean that swimmers will need to share a lane with several other participants. Here are a few tips to follow when sharing a lane to ensure the best experience for all participants: 

  • Choose a lane with participants who are swimming at a similar speed to you. The lifeguard may ask you to move to a different lane that best suits the pace of your swimming. 

  • If you notice someone swimming close behind you, pause at the wall to allow them to pass you.  

  • When there are more than 2 swimmers in a lane, participants must swim in a circle formation so that they do not bump into one another. Follow the signs on the pool deck, or speak with the lifeguard or other swimmers in the lane to ensure you are all swimming in the same direction.  

  • Participants at lane swim should be swimming continuously, unless in the designated ‘leisure’ area. If you need to take a break at the wall, move to the side so that the other swimmers in the lane may continue their lap swimming 

  • If you would prefer to swim with fewer participants in each lane, we recommend attending during times that are typically less busy. Early morning, lunchtime, evening, and all weekend lane swims are usually busiest, whereas midmorning and afternoon swims on weekdays are typically quieter.  

Facility Upgrades at A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA 

If you have been around our branch recently, you may have noticed some big signage that indicates we are making some facility upgrades.