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Healthy Women Together

Healthy Women Together

Healthy Women Together Program

This online program is designed for newcomer women to share experiences, learn new skills, develop healthy habits for physical and mental health, and to connect with the community.

The Healthy Women Together program is open to Women Permanent Residents, Refugees with decision, and CUAET.

To learn more about the Healthy Women Together Program, view our Healthy Women Together Program flyer (PDF).

September 7 - October 12, 2022

Information Sessions and Workshops
September 7
How to access job opportunities through mentoring: a personal story
September 14
Other YMCA programs

September 21


Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
September 27
Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter… Oh My! Networking and Building Relationships on Social Media
October 4
Fake News! How to Identify Secure Websites, Avoid Scams, and Trust Information
October 12
Money Matters! Introduction to Canadian Banking

Dates and times are subject to change depending on speaker availability.


Program funding provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Program funding provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.