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Canada Connect

Canada Connect Program

Discover new friendships and experience the world together! 

When a family takes the step of immigrating to Canada, it is with the hope of something “better”: better safety, better job opportunity, better health care, better education, etc. But with striving for these “betters” can come great loss: loss of family, friends, community, and culture. These losses have a direct impact on the immigration experience for the family as they are each tied to the social connections and supports that we, as humans, need to thrive.

Canada Connect exists to help connect newcomer families to their new community by offering opportunities to develop social connections with established immigrant and/or Canadian born families, and find the emotional support that they need to thrive in their new home. 

Through Canada Connect, we hope to see newcomer families integrate into their new communities quickly and with ease as neighbors reach out to offer the support and care that have been impacted by a newcomers move to Canada. 

The program consists of:

  • CONNECTOR matching

  • School events
  • Neighborhood events
  • Various Support Groups for Newcomer Families

CONNECTORs are established immigrant or Canadian born families that are eager to help newcomer families get connected to their community. CONNECTORs will be matched with newcomers based on common neighborhood of residence, common interests, similar family composition, and other factors that will help make connection easy and fun! CONNECTORs are to be a safe, trustworthy, first friend in Canada that will help a newcomer feel supported and welcomed. Formally, the match would last 4 month. Informally, what could be a lifetime! 

A CONNECTORs commitment:

  • Regular connection with newcomers: one to two hours per week for a minimum of four months

  • To offer a variety of shared experiences and connections with newcomers that will assist them in developing their connection to the community

  • To enjoy friendships with newcomers that offers social and emotional support

  • To help facilitate other Canada Connect events when able

If you are interested in becoming a CONNECTOR, please complete the LINK application form and email to the Canada Connect Program Lead.