Swimming Lessons

Welcome to the YMCA Swim Lessons!

A YMCA swimming instructor demonstrates how lessons can contribute to confidence in the water.

Knowing how to swim can save your life -- or even someone else's. Taught by certified YMCA instructors, our swimming lessons will give you lifelong skills to help you be safe in and around the water. And you just might develop a lifelong passion for swimming!

There's more to YMCA swim lessons than just learning to swim. Our swimming lessons build self-confidence and show children they can achieve their goals with a little hard work and support from others. We've taught tens of thousands of children to swim through our nationally-accredited YMCA swim programs since we offered the very first YMCA swimming lesson in Canada over 100 years ago.

L'il Dippers Program

(4-6 months to 5 years)

The purpose of the L'il Dippers preschool program is to introduce preschoolers to a wide range of water activities in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Learn to Swim Program

(6 to 12 years)

The YMCA Learn to Swim program is a four-level instructional program that introduces your beginner swimmer to foundational aquatic activities. They will improve their body awareness and motor skills as they submerge, kick, roll, and jump in the water. They will be competent swimmers on their front and back when they complete the entire program.

YMCA Star Program

(Completion of the Learn to Swim program or equivilent)

The YMCA Star Program introduces your continuing swimmer to elementary backstroke, breaststroke, side stroke, and increases their swimming distance to 350m by the end of Star 4. The optional items give your child opportunities to explore competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, and aquatic fitness.

YMCA Star Leadership Program

(Completion of the YMCA Star program or equivilent)

The YMCA Star Leadership Program allows your competent and confident swimmer to build on their strong aquatic skills to learn to safely help others who are in trouble in the water, basic first aid skills, and to improve their physical fitness. Each level has a component of learning how to teach others, and optional items include advanced swim skills, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, and aquatic fitness.



Learn to Swim Conversion Chart

Age  Groups

Red Cross Program

Lifesaving Society Program

YMCA Program

0-2 years old


Parent and Tot 1


accompanied by


Parent and Tot 2



Sea Turtle

Parent and Tot 3






3-5 years old

Sea Turtle

Preschool A




Preschool A


by a parent 


Preschool B


or on their 


Preschool B




Preschool C




Preschool D




Preschool D






6-12 years old

Swim Kids 1

Swimmer 1



Swim Kids 2

Swimmer 2



Swim Kids 2/3

Swimmer 3



Swim Kids 4/5

Swimmer 4



Swim Kids 6

Swimmer 5



Swim Kids 7

Swimmer 6

Star 1


Swim Kids 8

CSP- Rookie

Star 2/3


Swim Kids 9

CSP- Ranger

 Star 3/4


Swim Kids 10

CSP- Star

Star 5/6


Swim Kids 10

Bronze Star

Star 7


Private & Semi Private Lessons

Private lessons are one to one lessons focusing on personal goals such as stroke improvement or enhancement of water safety skills.

In order to cancel a lesson and recieve a refund 48 hours notice is required. In order to reserve a spot, payment is required in full. 


Member Fee

Non-member Fee







*Please note you must purchase a minimum of 4 lessons


Drop-In Lessons and Stroke Correction(13+)

Learn to swim, improve your strokes and increase your endurance. This is a good preparation for a Lifesaving program. The certified YMCA swim instructor's will work with you on what you would like to accomplish. These lessons are for beginners, intermediate, and advance swimmers.

Open access - registration is not required, and included with your Y Membership. Non-members may purchase a day pass.