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Women's Plus Change room Closure

Steam Room Repair

Tuesday September 4th - Sunday September 9th

Pool Shut Down

Monday, August 27th - Sunday, September 9th, 2018

The pool will be closed from Monday August 27th - Sunday September 9th for cleaning, maintenance and repair.

During this time both the main pool and the leisure pool will be emptied and cleaned; Tile repair and grouting completed along with touch up painting, dusting and window cleaning.

The pool will re-open Monday September 10th at 6:00am.

Please make use of the A.R. Kaufman Family Y in Kitchener during this shut down time.
A.R.Kaufman Family Y Schedule

We Are Growing!

Stork Family YMCA Addition

The Stork Family YMCA is building a new addition onto our facility. The 5000 square foot addition, going onto the Fischer-Hallman side of the facility, will provide more space for us to continue to deliver quality programming to individuals and families in our community.  

We expect to have the construction trailer and crew on site beginning sometime the week of January 15th.  The anticipated completion date for the project is mid-June.

We look forward to working with our general contractor - GATEMANMILLOY  and our Architects - INVIZIJ ARCHITECTS INC.

Check back here regularly for updates.