Fee Assistance - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Fee Assistance


The YMCA of Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo is a charitable organization committed to helping people grow in spirit, mind and body. We believe that our programs and services should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, background, ability or socio-economic status. That's why the YMCA makes fee assisted memberships available.

A YMCA fee assisted membership offers the same facilities, programs and services as our YMCA general membership but at a reduced monthly rate. No membership is free. Every member is asked to pay some portion of the cost of their membership on a monthly basis.

Program assistance is also available for PD Days, Winter/Spring Day Camp and Aquatic and Fitness Leadership programs.  Program assistance is available without holding a YMCA membership.

We expect that close to 20% of our members will require and receive membership assistance. Please read below to learn more about the application process and what is required.

If I feel I qualify, how do I apply for Financial Assistance?

To apply for Financial Assistance, please visit feeassist.ca. You will be required to upload your child tax benefit or if you do not have children your Notice of Assessment from the previous year.

If you are not elegible through the fee assistance for recreation website, please contact the Membership Supervisor to set up an appointment to review your application.

Once approved, to complete the membership/program process, the following is required to set up pre-authorized payments:

  1. Your unique PIN and color code qualification infromation received by completing your Fee Assist application.
  2. A credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or void cheque or your banking information provided by your financial institution. AND
  3. First month's payment (which will be determined by your financial assessment) - credit card, cheque, cash, or debit.

How long does the application process take?

There is a 48 hour approval process through the Fee Assistance for Recreation website. Once your have received approval through the website, you can visit the YMCA at anytime to set up your membership. It takes 15-30 minutes to set up your membership.

Where does the funding for Financial Assistance come from?

The YMCA is a charitable association which receives funding from:

  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
  • The YMCAs of Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo

Is it possible to join the YMCA for free?

No one will be denied access to any YMCA program or service solely because of an inability to pay the full fee, however, each family is asked to pay a portion of the fees associated with their membership. These fees are determined by the assessment provided at the time of application. The decisions to take up memberships are then based on budget priorities of families and individuals.

How does the YMCA determine how much I pay?

The financial assistance that we offer is based on your total household income and number of dependants and determined by resources provided by Statistics Canada. Our Membership assistance ranges from 50-60% of the regular membership rates. Please note the YMCA of Three Rivers only accepts the Blue and Orange subsidy levels from Fee Assist for Health and Wellness membership. If you receive another colour code on your application, you may not be eligible for financial assistance for a Y membership but can use your subsidy codes with other participating organizations. 

What is expected of me if I receive membership assistance?

For the process of application we require that you visit and complete an application with Fee Assistance for Recreation. Any documentation you provide is kept confidential. After your assessment if you choose to take out a membership, our expectation is that you commit to making monthly payments for your membership by pre-authorized credit card or bank account. A void cheque is required to set up pre-authorized bank account payments.

What is the duration of my membership?

A membership commitment is required for 6 months, however, your membership will remain active for one year or until you provide notice of cancellation. On an annual basis you will need to update your application in the fee assist website and then provide your colour card to renew your YMCA e-mail.