Aquatic Specialized Programs

Boy in YMCA Lil Dipper Swimming LessonFrom water sports to swim clubs, YMCA Aquatic Specialty programs bring swimmers together for organized activities in the water. Whether you're new to the pool or looking for some friendly competition, our programs will keep you moving and having fun.


Jr. Lifeguard Club (8-12 years)

The Jr. Lifeguard Club (JLC) is a place for kids to:

  • Learn about lifesaving and lifeguarding
  • Enjoy friendly competition and special events
  • Challenge themselves to aim for personal bests
  • Get fit
  • Make friends
  • Have a great time!

Kids learn attitudes and skills that could one day save a life. JLC is designed to let kids participate in activities similar to those of real lifeguards in a safe, fun, controlled setting. But just as important, kids expericne teamwork and sense of belonging.

JLC stresses fun aquatic skill development based on a personla-best achievment. Building on skills they already have, JLC members work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphasis on: swimming skills, lifesaving skills, lifesaving knowledge, leadership & teamwork, community education, competition and personal fitness.

Those registering fpr the Junior Lifeguard program need to be at at least 8 years old and be able to swim 25, and tread water for 2 minutes.

Jr.Triathlon (8-12 years)

The Junior Triathlon program combines three sports kids enjoy- swimming, biking, and running. The diversity of sports in triathlon keeps kids enagaged, interested and eager to participate. Activities take place in the pool, on stationary bikes and on track.

Those registering for the Junior Triathlon program need to be at least 8 years old and be able to swim 25m and tread water for 2 minutes.

Junior triathletes develop into determined athletes, establishing lifelong transferable skills such as
goal setting and physical fitness patterns. Children are provided with the skills to begin an active,
positive and healthy lifestyle. The achievement of each athlete is recognized through personal
bests, goal setting, goal achievement and friendly competition. Junior triathletes will train as a team,
building friendships and a team identity.


Triathlons require a relatively small amount of equipment, which most kids already have. Participants
will require comfortable athletic clothing (shorts & t-shirt), running shoes and a water bottle for the
dryland portion, and an athletic swim suit (one piece for girls) for the pool. Swimming goggles are
not necessary but are recommended. A swim cap is also recommended for swimmers with long hair.
Opportunities throughout the year will be provided for athletes to display their new skills such as
Santa Pursuit, Jingle Bell Run, Resolution Run or a YMCA mini Triathlon.

Swim Team (8-12 years)

Our goal is to provide every swimmer the opportunity to improve his or her skills and achieve success. Participants will practice stroke drills to improve technique in the four competitive swim storkes: front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, and butterfly. Work sets and interval training will push swimmers to increase their aerobic capacity and improve their endurance. Swimmers will also learn how to start and turn effectively and efficiently for each stroke. Participants will utilize these techniques and set goals to increase their speed and acieve personal bests. Those registering for the Swim Team program need to be at least 8 years old and be able to swim 25m and tread water for 2 minutes.


Swimming requires a relatively small amount of equipment which makes it easy for everyone to participate. The minimum required equipment in a swim suit. Snug fitting shorts for males and athletic (one piece) swim suit for females in recommended for comfort and efficiency in the water. Goggles are not necessary but recommended. A swim cap is also recommended for swimmers with long hair.

Work on endurance, speed and stroke technique- reach your personal best and participate in a number of special events showcasing your skills. Mini swim meets held at various times throuout the year will give swimmers an opportunity to display their skills to family and friends. These swim meets will focus on acieveing personal bests in a friendly cempetition emphasizing teamwork and sportmanship.

All of our swim team coaches are YMCA certified Swim Instructors dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals.