Star Leadership Program

The YMCA Star Leadership Program allows your competent and confident swimmer to build on their strong aquatic skills to learn to safely help others who are in trouble in the water, basic first aid skills, and to improve their physical fitness. Each level has a component of learning how to teach others, and optional items include advanced swim skills, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, and aquatic fitness.

Program Schedule

Star 5

Core skills:

  • Rookie First Aid Ranger H2O Proficiency
  • Ranger Recognition and Rescue Using effective formations
  • Positive teaching techniques
  • Create and teach a game
  • Butterfly Initial Standard
  • Combination Swim 500m 

Children are required to complete 4 of the following skills:

  • Intermediate Side Stroke
  • Advanced Breaststroke
  • Water Polo:  Fouls
  • Water Polo:  Freeing yourself for a pass
  • Synchro:  The Flower Pot
  • Synchro:  Split position to vertical
  • Synchro:  Table Top Aquatic
  • Fitness: Deep Water moves for 15 minutes (with flotation belt)
  • Aquatic Fitness:  Shallow water moves for 15 minutes
  • Water Safety of Choice

Star 6

Core skills:

  • Ranger First Aid

  •  Star H2O Proficiency

  •  Star Recognition and Rescue

  •  Progressions

  •  Use E.G.G.S.

  •  Set a goal and create a plan to achieve it

  •  Options for Advanced Strokes

  • Combination swim 600m (as a part of Star H2O Proficiency)

Children are required to complete 4 of the following skills:

  • Intermediate Butterfly

  •  Advanced Side Stroke

  •  Water polo:  Stealing the ball

  •  Water polo:  Dribbling with a ball

  •  Synchro:  The Blossom

  •  Synchro:  The Inverted Tuck

  •  Synchro:  The Swirlee

  •  Aquatic Fitness:  Lead a group through a 10 minute aquatic fitness routine

  • Water Safety of Choice

Star 7

Core skills:

  • Recover submerged victim in shallow water

  •  F.I.T.T. Principle

  •  Water rescue and first aid situations

  •  Star First Aid

  •  Create and deliver activities

  •  Principles of Swimming

  •  Effective feedback

  •  Teach water safety

  •  Help someone set and achieve a swimming goal

  •  Combination swim 400m in 12 minutes

Children are required to complete 4 of the following skills:

  • Competitive swimming:  Compete with a minimum of 3 other people

  •  Water polo:  Play a game of water polo using water polo skills

  •  Synchro:  Demonstrate a routine

  •  Aquatic Fitness:  Demonstrate a routine

  •  Assist a swim instructor for 4 hours

  •  Assist a lifeguard for 4 hours

  •  Endurance Challenge:  800m or 1000m swim, any combination of strokes

  • Water Safety of Choice