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Recreational Sports

A Great Workout

Looking for a great way to work out ? Take a look at our line up of recreational sports.

Program Schedule

Check out our recreational sports (15+):

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • New!! Underwater Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball


What is Pickleball you ask?  It is simply oversized ping pong!  Played on a badminton sized court with a tennis sized net you just use a paddle to keep a plastic ball going back and forth over a net until somebody misses.  Simple right? It's a paddle sport for all ages and all athletic ability levels.  Very simple rules offer an opportunity to play, learn and have fun. Look for opportunities to play with your family as well!

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey (UWH), (also called Octopush (mainly in the United Kingdom)) is a globally played limited-contact sport in which two teams compete to manoeuvre a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into the opposing team's goal by propelling it with a pusher. You should be able to swim and tread water. Basic snorkling lessons to enable playing the game will be provided if needed.