L'il Dippers

YMCA L'il Dippers Program

Program Schedule


(4-6 mos. - 3 yrs. with parent or caregiver)
Parent and child learn basic water skills, entering and exiting the water, blowing bubbles, floating and basic safety skills all while playing games and singing songs.


(3-5 yrs, child only)
Skills include becoming familiar with the water, entering and exiting, putting face in the water, blowing bubbles, using PFD's, Front/Back Floats, glides and jump-ins.


(3-5 yrs, child only)
Skills include deep water awareness, Surface support, deep water jump-ins, front/back/side glides and front/back swims 10m.


(3-5 yrs, child only)
Skills include surface dives, front/back crawl, standing dives and endurance swims 25m.