Information about Swim Lesson Registration - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Information about Swim Lesson Registration

What is Rolling Registration?

Our program is unique in that we offer parents the convenience of registering just once for their child's swim lesson.

As your child progresses through the YMCA Swim program (moving from one level to the next), the Aquatic Supervisor and staff will automatically move your child into the appropriate class.

If a class that your child should be moving to isn't available in your chosen time/day, the Aquatic Supervisor will contact you to help find another available class to suit your schedule.

There is no need to re-register each season. This will be done automatically for you.

There are no "Registration dates" and no defined sessions for your swim lessons - you may register at any time for any YMCA Swim program lesson as long as there is space in the class. Your registration in your chosen day/time will continue until your child progresses into a more advanced program, or you choose to change days and times. 

Please ensure to let us know if your child will be absent from swimming lessons for any reason. Participants who have missed three consecutive classes without notifying the aquatic team will be removed from the lesson to make space for a participant on the wait list. You can inform us of your absence by phoning the membership desk (519-623-9622 ext 0) or emailing

It's my First Time at Swimming Lessons! What do I do?

Swipe your membership card at the front desk and proceed to the change room. Change into your swim attire and have a shower. Enter the pool through the shower area. Your child will meet their instructor at their assigned meeting spot.  If you are unsure of where to go the Head Instructor/Lifeguard will help you find your class. Each week you will meet your instructor at the same meeting spot.

What Changeroom Should I Use?

Our family change room is for Moms with sons and Dads with daughters 4-9 years of age. Also available for our special needs members requiring assistance from a caregiver.

Moms with daughters and dads with sons can use the general changerooms.

What Happens the First Week of Lessons?

As a number of our instructor schedules change from one session to the next, we treat the first week of each new season (Sept-Dec; Jan-Mar; Mar-June; July-Aug) as the first week of lessons.

Your child can meet their instructor at their level.

The instructor will introduce themselves and the children to each other.

When Will I have a Chance to Speak to my Child's Instructor?

We encourage open communication between our instructors and parents. It is however, sometimes difficult to catch an instructor as they move from one lesson to the next.

If you would like to speak with your child's instructor please make the Head Instructor/Lifeguard aware and they will help facilitate an opportunity for you to speak with an instructor.

Approximately mid way through each season we invite parents on to the pool deck to get up close and personal with their child's swim lesson and instructor. During Feedback Week, lessons are ended 5 minutes early to provide for an opportunity for parents to discuss their child's progress with the instructor.

Will I have the Opportunity to Provide Feedback to the YMCA Regarding my Child's Swim Lesson Experience?

Absolutely! We love to hear from you (and your children). Your feedback is extremely important to us. We are continually looking for opportunities to improve our program and make your child's experience the very best it can be.

You can speak to a Head Instructor/Lifeguard at any time to provide immediate feedback. Each year we will ask parent's to complete a short survey about your experience in lessons.

You can also speak with our Aquatic Supervisor - Kirsten Kellner. She is available during most lesson times or can be reached at 519-623-9622 extension 2225, or by email:

Is There Anything else I Should be Aware of?

When walking through the showers or onto the pool deck, please remove outdoor footwear. There are shoe covers available at the membership desk for your convenience.

If there is anything else that we can do for you please don't hesitate to let us know.