Aquatics Specialized Programs

Adapted Aquactics (3+ yrs) Registration Required

This sessional program is designed for children with physical, developmental,and communication disabilities who require specialized instruction in order to progress their swimming skills. This program runs Saturday evenings where the child will particiapate in a lesson with a lifeguard instructor and then stay for open swim with parent/guardian.To optimize safety parents are request to be in swim attire and remain on the pool deck.

Registration forms are available at the membership services desk.

Saturday's: 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 or 6:00

Winter Session - Saturday January 13 - March 10, 2018 - 9 Week Session

Member: $70.00/Session    Non-Member $90.00/Session

Spring Session - Saturday March 24 - June 23, 2018 - 14 Week Session

Member: $109.00/Session    Non-Member $140.00/Session

Junior Lifeguard Club (8+ years) Registration Required

More action, more options, more fun!

The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) is a place for children to Learn about lifesaving and lifeguarding. The will enjoy friendly completition and special events, challenge themselves to aid for personal bests, get fit, make friends and have a great time!

Kids learn attitudes and skilss that could one day save a life - their life, or someone else's. The JLC is designed to let kids participate in activities similar to those of a real lifeguards in a safe, fun and controlled setting. But just as important kids experience teamwork and a sense of belonging.

JLC stresses fun and aquatic skill development on a personal-best achievement. Building on skills they already have, JLC members work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphaisis on: Swimming Skills; Lifesaving Skills; Lifesaving Knowledge; Leadership and Teamwork; Community Education; Competition and Personal Fitness.

Prerequisite: Minimum 8 years of age who can swim 25 meters and tread water for 2 minutes

When: Fridays 7:30-8:30 pm

Fall session starts September 15, 2017 and runs till June 2018 - Registration on-going space permitting

Junior Triathalon (8+ years) NEW!!! Registration Required

Get active, have fun and meet new friends! The juniour triathalon program combines three sports kids love - swimming, biking and running. When provided an opportunity to experience physical activity in a positive and supportive environment, children are provided with the skills to lead active, positive and healthy lifestyles. for life. Activities take place in the pool, on stationary bikes and on the track. We celebrate participation with the goal of encouraging a positive, healthy attitude towards physical activity and instilling confidence. The achievement of each athlete is recognized through personal bests, goal setting, goal achievement and friendly competition.

Prerequisite: Minimum 8 years of age who can swim 25 meters and tread water for 2 minutes

When: Saturdays: 3:00-5:00 pm

Winter session - January 13 - March 10 - Registration on-going space permitting

Spring Session  - March 24 - June 23, 2018

Swim Team (8+ years) Registration Required

Achieve your potential! Our goal is to provide swimmers with the opportunity to improve their skills and particiapte in special events showcasing their skills.

Prerequisite: Minimum 8 years of age who can swim 25 meters and tread water for 2 minutes

When: Wednesdays: 8:00-9:00 pm

Fall session starts September 13, 2017

Underwater Hockey (8-12 - Star 1+ Registered Program)

Two teams compete to maneuver a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into the opposing team's goal by propelling it with a hockey stick.

Swimmers will learn different moves/skills and have the chance to participate in the mid/final game.

Mondays: 8:10-8:55 pm

Registration is sessional