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Team Training

Get Results Together!

T ogther we can do anything

E ducation is part of the process

A chieve results and be ahead of the competition

M otivation is key to success

Get Ahead of the Competition

Work together as a team with YMCA TEAM training. With YMCA personal trainers and fitness instructors we will build a program together that caters to your sport, age group, and athletic goals. 

At the YMCA we believe in spirit, mind and body.  Improving team member's skills, strength, and endurance will enhance confidence, self-esteem and personal motivation on the playing field.

Who are your trainers?

The YMCA has a TEAM of dedicated personal trainers who will motivate, educate, inspire, and give you a workout like no other.

What facilities are available at the YMCA?

Each YMCA has a pool, track, gymnasium, workout centre equipped with everything you need to execute proper sport specific exercise.

Why go anywhere else?

Train as a team with a YMCA trainer and then compliment your workout and continue to use the equipment and facilities with a YMCA membership.    

Team Training Fees:  $100/session

For more information or to book your Team Training sessions please contact:

Andrew Brewer - Supervisor, Individual Conditioning
519-743-5201 ext 236