Membership Information - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Membership Information

Dream, grow and achieve together at the YMCA

What we do...

  • Inspire possibilities
  • Promote development
  • Create opportunities for improved health
  • Sustain change by building relationships and self-efficacy

How we do it...

  1. As a part of a larger YMCA strategy for healthy communities we promote physical activity to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Promoting health in spirit, mind and body with an understanding that health is a resource for everyday life and community building.
  3. Providing meaningful opportunities for volunteering to serve others and to participate in building a better community for everyone.
  4. Focusing on enhancing values of acceptance, respect, health, caring and responsibility.
  5. Creating a sense of belonging for participants through opportunities to build relationships.
  6. Being open to all. No one is turned away because they can't afford to participate.
  7. Valuing individuals opinions and contributions.

Why we do it...

To nuture the potential of individuals, promote healthy living and foster social responsibility.

Our YMCA outcomes are:

  1. Better health for adults - healthier weights and reduced risk factors for chronic disease.
  2. Evidence of personal development.
  3. Increased sense of belonging and involvement.
  4. Increased public awareness of the role the YMCA plays in building healthier communities.