Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Development is a registered program. Call or visit the Member Services desk to register anytime - registration is continuous and ongoing! Program is included with your Y membership.


Babysitting Training Course
11+ years

The Babysitting Training Course is aimed at young people 11 years of age or older who want to demonstrate their capabilities by completing the course under responsible direction.

This course features the following:

  • rights and responsibilities
  • child development and behavioural problems
  • caring for the child
  • nutrition
  • safety and basic first aid
  • handling emergencies
  • the sick child
  • games and play activities
  • children with special needs

To sign up please visit the Membership Services desk at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA.


April 12, 2019

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

YMCA Members:  $72.25
Non-YMCA Members:  $85.00
*HST is not applied


Junior Youth Leadership Development
10-12 years

Junior Youth Leaders will learn fundamental leadership skills while making new friends in a fun, inclusive environment.  Through a variety of different games, activities, discussion and presentations, our leaders will develop communication skills, work together with their peers and gain self-confidence. Junior Youth Leaders are encouraged to apply their newly developed leadership skills during special events at the ymca as well as in their communities, schools and sports teams.


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Non-YMCA Members: $45.00 
*HST is not applied.


Senior Youth Leadership Development

13-17 years

Senior Youth Leaders will continue to build their fundamental leadership skills in a group atmosphere while building relationships with peers in the YMCA community. Leaders will be given the opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics of interest to gain leadership credits. Leaders will build their leadership credit throughout the course to be able to attend trips and special events. Topics include:  resume writing, setting fitness goals, time management and tips and tricks for facilitating games. Trips may include; sport games, the YMCA Outdoor Center, the museum and more! Leaders will be given a chance to practice and develop their skills at the YMCA in children's programs and special events.


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Non-YMCA Members:  $45.00
*HST is not applied.