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Heart Wise And The YMCA


Logo of Heart Wise Exercise

Heart Wise exercise guidelines were developed by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.  A program or class at our YMCA that is designated and approved as Heart Wise will have the Heart Wise Exercise logo.  Heart Wise exercise classes meet the following criteria: 

  1. Encourages regular, daily aerobic exercise
  2. Encourages and incorporates warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions
  3. Allows participants to exercise at a safe level and offers options to modify intensity
  4. Includes participants with chronic health conditions – physician approval may be required
  5. Offers health screening for all participants
  6. Has a documented emergency plan that is known to all exercise leaders, including the requirement of current CPR certification, phone access to local paramedic services and presence of a defibrillator.

Approved Heart Wise program classes cover different types of exercise with different levels of intensity. 

Please visit Ottawa Heart Institute for further information: https://heartwise.ottawaheart.ca/