Community Health And Fitness Workshops - CKW YMCA

Community Health And Fitness Workshops

Osteoarthritis & Exercise Workshop: Do you have ostoarthritis? Pain, stiffness and questions? Join us for a workshop to discuss osteoarthritis

Kitchener-A.R.Kaufman Y

Training Room (Second Level)

1) Tuesday, Aug. 27  7-8:00 pm

2) Friday, Oct. 25   10-11:00 am

3) Thursday, Jan. 9   5-6:00 pm

To Register, Contact Amanda Serschen

T: 519-743-5201 x 241

Cambridge-Chaplin Family Y

Hespeler Room (Second Level)

1) Friday, July 19  10-11:00 am

2) Friday, Sept. 13  10-11:00 am

3) Friday, Nov. 11  10-11 am

To Register, Contact Eliza Reid

T: 519-623-9622 ex. 2214

Waterloo-Stork Family Y

Studio (Second Level)

1) Friday, Aug. 9  1:15-2:15 pm

2) Friday, Oct.4  1:15-2:15 pm

3) Friday, Dec. 6  1:15-2:15 pm

To Register, Contact Meagan Meade

T: 519-725-8783 x 262


Posture Clinic:   Stand tall, look and feel better

Attend a posture clinic that includes a postural assessment, education & exercises to improve posture

Clinics are FREE and open to YMCA Members and Non-members. 

Cambridge-Chaplin Family YMCA, Multi-Purpose Room 5 (Main Floor)

Fridays Sept. 30, Oct. 25, Nov. 22 or Dec. 13   10:00-10:45 AM

To register, contact Eliza Reid  or call 519-623-9622 ex. 2214


Ready, Steady, Balance Workshop:   Dates, locations to be posted soon

Challenge your stability, work your core and find your balance. This workshop will look to increase your knowledge of balance training, the need to practice and how good balance helps with falls prevention

Balance workshops are FREE and open to YMCA Members and Non-Members.


Living with Stroke  Brought to you by Grand River Hospital

Free education program designed for individuals who have had a stroke and their caregivers.  This program runs for six weeks with one session per week.  Topics discussed include: Understanding Stroke, physical changes and challenges, swallowing and nutrition, emotions, activities and relationships, reducing the risk of stroke, cognition, perception, and communication.

 Dates to be posted soon

To register or for more information contact: Tammy Tebbutt  519-749-4300 ext. 2605