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Play has been called the business of childhood

Play allows children and youth of all ages to try new things, test boundaries, learn from their mistakes and enjoy being active. While active play is fun, it's certainly not frivolous.

Unfortunately, the structure and demands of modern Canadian life may be engineering active play out of our children's lives. Perhaps in a misguided bid to protect and direct them at all times, Canadian kids have lost the freedom to throw open the doors and go play. 

Supporting and encouraging opportunities for safe, free, unstructured play, especially outdoors, may be one of the most promising, accessible and cost-effective solutions to increasing child and youth physical activity in Canada. 

YMCA Programs allow young people to excel in their area of interest while connecting them with caring adults who nurture their skills.

0 - 4 years

4 - 6 years

7 - 9 years

10 - 12 years

Team Personal Training

PLEASE NOTE: Select Children's Programs will be returning in Fall 2021.