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Aquatic Fitness

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Class Descriptions


A multi-level pool workout that offers both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning. A great option for those wishing to reduce impact during their workouts or to cross train from land based fitness classes.                                                                      

Intensity: Moderate to High                                                                                                                                                                             Impact: Low

Move Together Water  Move Together Water

This 45-minute water based workout uses the benefits of water to provide a joint friendly, low impact workout. You choose the depth of water and intensity that is right for you. Muscle conditioning and stretching are included with a specific focus on range of motion and mobility. Experience the freedom of movement that water can provide!

Intensity: Low to Moderate 
Impact: Low

Aquafit - Deep

All the fun of our regular Aquafit classes but with no impact as you are suspended by the use of a belt in deeper water. Suspension allows us to experience new moves such as water running, cycling and lots more to get a great cardiovascular workout without the impact. Options are provided for those that wish to stay in the shallow areas of the pool. 

Intensity:  Moderate to High
Impact:  Low

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