The Impact of Our YMCAs - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

The Impact of Our YMCAs

Belonging and Becoming

At the YMCA Teen Drop-In Zone, children and youth from all walks of life practice living out the YMCA values, and benefit from a social support network. Youth are part of a community, and are learning leadership skills as they interact with positive role models and are given opportunities to contribute to the success of the centre.

Taking the Y to the Kids

YMCA Beyond the Bell is a program focused on healthy development that is run in under-serviced neighbourhoods. It provides children with additional help and attention to succeed in their academic studies, and opportunities for physical activity. Children improve their capacity to learn, improve their overall health, and develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers for New Canadian Youth

The Newcomer Youth Program bridges the gap to community resources and supports, and builds social competencies. This facilitates integration into a new system of life and creates opportunities to engage in new activities reducing the stress associated with new surroundings. Through organized activities youth build self-confidence and enhance their capacity to make healthy choices.

Sending Kids to Camp

Overnight camp sponsorship removes the financial barrier for families whose children would otherwise not be able to benefit from instruction and mentoring, and the social supports of summer camp.

Helping People Improve their Health and Well Being

Membership Assistance serves those who have the greatest need in our community, providing assistance to those who are unable to pay a full membership fee.

Access to YMCA programs and services supports the formation of social support networks, and provides opportunities to gain knowledge and learn new skills to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The New Canadian Membership Assistance Program serves newcomers who have been in our country for less than one year. Their YMCA membership promotes active, healthy living in a respectful environment - a key step in the settlement process.