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Physical Literacy

What is Physical Literacy?

"Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life."


International Physical Literacy Association, 2014

Why is Physical Literacy important?

Movement is fundamental to health and development, and our children need to learn how to walk before they can run. Many children fall behind in learning basic movement skills for a number of reasons.  Physical literacy training addresses the need for a return to basic, and helps make learning movement fun and meaningful in a way that promotes feelings of success, self-esteem and accomplishment. These skills will motivate and empower youth to build positive connections to movement for their whole life.

Why the YMCA invests in Physical Literacy?

The YMCA is striving to provide the best opportunities for children and youth to be active in a fun and safe environment. 

We know that with today’s demands on families it is becoming increasingly difficult to be active.  In the interest of developing a lifelong love of physical activity and well-being, the YMCA has made a commitment to help children and youth become physically literate.  People who are physically literate have the competence, confidence and motivation to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities which means they are more likely to stay active as they grow.  To this end the YMCA is aligning with the Sport for Life framework for long term athletic development focusing on:  Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learn to Train.

How is the YMCA getting involved?

YMCAs across Canada are integrating physical literacy into programming to ensure people have all the tools they need to live active, healthy lives. The concept of physical literacy naturally aligns with the work of the YMCA. Physical literacy will enable us to evaluate current programming and intentionally embed physical literacy philosophy, concepts and language into children’s programming throughout the association, aligning them with the Sport For Life framework.

In addition, the YMCA of Three Rivers is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees and participants in YMCA programs as outlined in the YMCA Concussion Policy.

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