Leader-In-Training Guide - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Leader-In-Training Guide

The Leader in Training Program

The time at Wab focuses some on hands-on physical skill development such as teaching and canoe tripping. L.I.T.s continue to learn camp skills, and also learn to become effective teachers of those skills.

Water based skills include:

Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, skin diving, canoe-tripping

Land Based Skills include:

Archery, landsports, outdoor living skills, low impact camping

LIT Expectations

We do have expectations of L.I.T.s beyond what we expect from campers. As this is a staff training program, we expect a level of maturity from L.I.T.s and we expect them to act responsibly and respectfully in all situations, especially when interacting with campers, camp staff and fellow participants. L.I.T.s are expected to challenge themselves by always putting their best effort forward, to follow rules and to take responsibility for their actions. For those participants who are truly excited about the program, it is frustrating to be exposed to those who aren't interested in doing their best, and consistently work against the goals of the group. The L.I.T. program offers a well rounded experience that can have very positive results on many levels of the participants' lives. The month has such great potential for your camper to learn more about themselves to have fun, to become more responsible, to learn how the actions of an individual can affect others and above all, to experience and benefit from the positive camaraderie that naturally occurs when a group of like-minded people work to achieve a common goal.

L.I.T. Evaluations

L.I.T.s are evaluated based on a number of factors throughout the month. Although the program continues to rely heavily on skill development, the most important factor in your L.I.T. experience is that you are willing and eager to learn, and that you actively participate in all activities. Although we hope you can solo a canoe and scale the climbing wall by the end of your time with us, there is nothing more important than trying your best.

If an L.I.T. final evaluation is an unsatisfactory evaluation, he or she may not be invited back the following year for the Counsellor-In-Training summer.


Lifeguarding and Canoeing Qualifications

Bronze Medallion/Cross and O.R.C.A.

The morning Leader-In-Training routine involves working towards achieving Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross lifeguarding qualifications, and O.R.C.A. (Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association) canoeing levels.

Swim Wear Recommendations 

Participants must be sure that swim wear is practical and appropriate for the vigorous training in the water, and on land during rescues and lifesaving drills.

As well, bathing suits should be comfortable and fit properly. Bronze Medallion and Cross training is physically vigorous and includes endurance swimming and rescues. It also requires a high degree of focus which is difficult to maintain if distracted by a bathing suit that might not stay in place when jumping into the water, or simulating a rescuer or a panicked victim. 

Two-piece swim suits are acceptable, but please be sure the suit has a sports-style top and bottom. Many popular bathing suit styles seem better suited as beach wear, rather than as active wear. A sports-style swim suit is much more practical given the active nature of this training program.

Each candidate needs to think and behave like a lifeguard, and to act quickly and without hesitation when performing simulated rescues. Beach-type bathing suits sometimes require fixing and rearranging that distracts the candidate from getting the most out of this training.


Tuck, Laundry and Towel Service

Tuck Deposits

We encourage all parents to arrange for tuck money, online, before your child goes to camp.  This can be easily done at our online tuck shop (link below).

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will be processed back to your credit card only for amounts over $5. Leftover tuck money less than $5 will be donated directly to the camp fund, to help send kids to camp.

Clothing and Laundry

L.I.T.'s laundry will be sent to a laundry service once during the month, and the cost will be deducted from their tuck account. 


L.I.T.s will usually have tuck every day. Camper shirts, L.I.T. shirts and baseball caps are available in the tuck shop for about $12.00 - $15.00. We suggest that L.I.T.s bring about $100.00.

Towel Service

 With near-constant activity and unpredictability of weather, keeping towels clean, dry and accounted for is an on-going challenge at camp. We are pleased to offer this service that cuts down on lost and found, and soggy, sandy towels soiling your child's clean and dry belongings.

L.I.T.s who order our towel service receive a fresh towel each day they are at camp. Towels are labelled with names before delivery for easy identification throughout the day. Towel service is purchased along with registration. Log into your registration account if you wish to purchase towel service for your camper or call our camping office 519-699-5100.