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Meet the Wabanaki Director

Meet the Director

Sarah Facey

Sarah clearly remembers her first time at Wab, as a wide-eyed child on her way down the lane toward her first overnight camping experience.  She was immediately hooked on camping, and as it turns out, hooked on Camp Wabanaki, as well!  She completed several years on staff with us at Wab, Ki-Wa-Y, and the Outdoor Centre, and also with other organizations in a variety of leadership positions, both in director and assistant director positions.  

Sarah's passion for children's camping has been evident in her education, career and volunteer choices throughout the  years,  and she brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to the role . She has a diploma in Rec and Leisure Services, as well as a wide variety of training in mental health first aid, bullying prevention, integration and inclusion, and more.  She currently sits on numerous volunteer committees with the Ontario Camping Association and others.

young Wab camper sarah solo portaging a canoe