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Help Renovate the Camp Wabanaki Dining Hall

Can you even begin to imagine the number of times campers and staff that have walked, ran, sang, snuck, or otherwise passed through the doors of the dining hall? For almost 50 years those doors have opened and closed behind so many of us. We love and appreciate the rich history and character of the building, and have done only minimal, necessary updates over the years. Now that standards have changed, we can no longer enjoy the feeling of community and camaraderie when an entire camp meets and eats together in the same place at the same time.

Your donation will help expand the YMCA Camp Wabanaki Dining Hall, renewing that camaraderie for generations of campers to come.

Donate now to help renovate the Wabanaki Dining Hall

Invest in Camp, Now and Always

The K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation is a separate charity that provides funding for the YMCA of Kitchener-Waterloo. Within the foundation, the Camp Fund supports projects and sponsorship at YMCA Camps Belwood, Ki-Wa-Y, and Wabanaki. In recent years the Camp Fund has helped build the Wabanaki Diving Tower and Boating Docks, and will contribute to building the Wabanaki Dining Hall.

Donate to the Camp Fund and ensure that camping is the same rich experience for generations to come. Your donation to the Camp Fund is a gift that continues to shape the development of children and youth year after year.

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