School of Leaders - CKW YMCA

School of Leaders

Grades 7 and 8 - 3 days, 2 nights

School of Leaders helps students learn about themselves and their role in the classroom and the school community. As students are engaged in a carefully planned progression of experiential activities, they learn leadership skills that are transferable back in school and in the community.

Program Goals

1. To understand the concepts related to lifelong learning, interpersonal relationships (including responsible citizenship) and career planning.

2. To develop learning skills, social skills, a sense of social responsibility, and the ability to formulate and pursue educational and career goals.

3. To apply this learning to their lives and work in the school and community.

Each goal has a variety of components that are achieved with both indoor and outdoor learning adventures, challenges and group oriented activities which include:

Personal Inventory



Community Building








Teachers have the opportunity to meet curriculum expectations from various disciplines, to learn as a group in a residential setting, to see students and be seen in a different environment and to make the most of this experience when back in the classroom.

The Program Provides Support to:

  • The Guidance and Career education program as outlined in the Choices to Action policy document.
  • The Heath and Physical Education program.

School of Leaders also give you an opportunity for:

  • Students to apply skills learned in a different environment to their everyday lives at home and school.
  • Teachers to use the experience as a major focus of school Guidance and Career Education goal plan.