FAQs - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region



Residential school groups will have their spot reserved for them for the following year automatically. A confirmation form will be mailed to you in advance of the booking. In the event you do not want the booking, please call us upon receiving the confirmation form to let us know, so that we can make the booking available. In the event we do not receive the confirmation form we will assume you no longer want the booking, but will contact you to verify this before opening up your spot.

Transportation Assistance

We know that sometimes the additional cost of transportation to the site may deter you from booking. We do have our own bus to assist residential groups with transportation to and from the site. Please call us for more information if you are interested in using our bus. The bus can accommodate 32 passengers. (some restrictions may apply)

Adult Visitor Resource Lounge

In the lounge you will find - tea, coffee, snacks, a refrigerator, tv with satellite, computer with internet access, washroom with bath and shower. Teachers and volunteers are welcome to use the resource lounge anytime during your visit.

First aid

Our staff are all qualified in basic first aid, but the actual administering of first aid and medication is the responsibility of the group leaders or teachers. We do stock basic first aid supplies on the site, but recommend that you bring your own first aid supplies and have a school staff member assigned to administer and record first aid with access to student med forms.

Emergency Vehicles & Communication, in event of an emergency

All groups should have at least one vehicle at their disposal while on site during their stay. We also recommend a cell phone as the cabins do not have phones in the event of an emergency. Rogers cell service provides intermittent coverage on the site. Bell Mobility service provides excellent reception on the site. There is a land line available 24 hours a day for outgoing calls in the Teachers Lounge. After 5:00 pm there is an answering machine to receive incoming calls, but they are not checked until the following day.

Smoking or consumption of alcohol is not allowed onsite.

For general inquiries, booking or program information call 519-699-4096

Booking and Program Inquiries by email: camp@ckw.ymca.ca