Energy Rescuers - CKW YMCA

Energy Rescuers

Grade 5 - 3 Days, 2 Nights

Strand: Conservation of Energy



This program was designed specifically to meet expectations in the Conservation of Energy Strand. Students learn about energy by participating in many hands-on, fun activities.

The Energy Rescuers program was designed by a teacher with a MA in Environmental Education, along with our Outdoor Centre staff with many years experience in children's programming. The program was designed specifically to provide grade 5 teachers with a complete unit in Science and Technology - Conservation of Energy Strand.

What's really special about this program is that utilizes many of the learning opportunities offered by the natural features of the site, and enhances the students' appreciation and respect for science and the environment. Students actively participate in all aspects of the program as they observe, create and experiment with different types of energy and learn about the importance of conservation.

  • Students explore the many aspects of energy, employ critical thinking about their own energy use and use hands-on investigation to actively participate in learning more about the natural world.
  • Addresses current environmental issues such as energy conservation and global warming.
  • Students actively participate in learning more about the natural world, local sources of food and outdoor skills.

Program Highlights

Bodies in Motion

Lunch time presentation that illustrates how food holds energy that the body later "puts in motion."

PK Zone

Students investigate and experiment with stored, or potential energy, and kinetic, or moving energy.

Swipe, Swap, Swoop

Students learn how energy forms a chain of events that leads to energy transformation.

Over and Over Again

Students investigate renewable energy sources and how they work. Our site offers an up-close look at wind and solar power at work.

May the Force be With You

Students create "peddle power" at the Human Power Centre and literally get a feel for how much energy is required to power a light bulb, a radio or a TV.

Breaking News

Students create and deliver a news report, complete with story board and photographs, about renewable energy sources.

The Amazing Energy Race

With passport booklet in hand, students travel the site working together to gather information and solve clues and puzzles.