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Corporate Opportunities

Corporate/Team Development

The corporate team development experience provides an opportunity for employees to gather in a casual, natural environment away from day-to-day operations and the established employee heirarchy. Participants work together in groups to complete and solve various physical and intellectual challenges presented by the Outdoor Centre facilitator. To be successful, employees need to work together solving the problems and achieving the goals co-operatively with the team to reach the group's ultimate goal. It is duirng these interactions that the key elements of communication, trust, adaptation to change, individual value and team value are addressed.

The activities take place both indoors and out, and provide opportunities for group members to:

  • Solve problems as a group
  • Get to know the unknown/unfamiliar strengths of oneself and others
  • Communicate and adapt in unfamiliar situations and surroundings
  • Rely on and trust one another in order to be successful in the challenges
  • Resolve potential conflict positively and productively
  • Test, confront and surpass perceived limitations
  • Accomplish tasks that initially seem unachievable

The Instructor then takes the skills learned and applies these skills to "real life" situations back at work, school or on the rink or field.

All activities are debriefed during a conversation facilitated by our trained program staff, but driven by your group members.

"Challenge by Choice"

During all of the activities, individual participants are in complete control of their own level of involvement. Although participants might be gently encouraged to challenge themselves, we do not believe in persuading participants. Those who choose to participate to a lesser extent will discover that there are many other roles to play, regardless of level of physical involvement.

Your Schedule

A draft schedule exists, but this program is tailor made by your group leader and our program director to suit the specific needs of your group. As well, the daylong experience can be designed to include an additional day, with supplemental activities included.