Air and Water in the Environment (AWE!) - CKW YMCA

Air and Water in the Environment (AWE!)

Grade 2 - School Visit, 1.5 hours

Strand: Understanding Earth and Space Systems



  • The program offers a variety of activities that provide a review of the water cycle and an introduction to the ways that air and water are used as energy sources in our communities
  • Students explore wind and water energy using hands-on experimental learning
  • The large intricate "Model of Awe" is the centre of this program

Goal of the School Visit Program

  • In an exciting hands-on learning environment, students learn how air and water are used as an energy source.
  • Students learn and use appropriate science and technology vocabulary in oral and written explanations. Terms include: solid, liquid, vapour, evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

Main Steps Synopsis of Goals of the School Visit Program:

  • The program begins with an introduction to our instructor, Professor Pat. Students review the water cycle, and explore and learn how it can provide energy. Next, students explore wind energy. Finally, the class discusses and reviews what they have learned.
  • Introduction to the program and Professor Pat. What is energy? How do we use it? What is the water cycle? The students piece together a puzzle as a review.
  • Read the Tale of Annie Soakley, a water drop who travels the world. Use the model to demonstrate how harnessing wind and water can produce power.
  • Discuss what the students have learned and provide further insight into the ways that using these renewable energy sources can help the environment.


  • Developing Investigation and Communication Skills,
  • Understanding Basic Concepts