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Leadership, 12-16 Years Old

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Leaders in Action,  12 - 16 Years

A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, Kitchener
Stork Family YMCA, Waterloo
Chaplin Family YMCA, Cambridge

Leaders In Action, Program Overview

The focus of the L.I.A. program is to help teens build confidence and self-esteem, while developing skills required of a leader within the YMCA and our community.  

  • Participants are required to take Level 1, followed by Level 2 of the Educational Program before moving onto the Practical Program.
  • The leadership skills are best developed, and we recommend that participants spread Level 1, Level 2, and Practical portions over different years, rather than participating in all three programs during one summer.
  • Participants from the Stork Y and the ARK Y will be bussed most days to Camp Heidelberg, and participants from the Chaplin Y will be bussed most days to Shades Mill. 

Please note:  Stork Family Y L.I.A. participants travel to Camp Heidelberg each day for their  program.

L.I.A. Level 1

12 - 15 Years
Educational, 2 Week Session

This level provides an excellent transition from camper to leadership programs to our younger leaders, including:

  • introduction to the YMCA's history and values, and the impact and importance of these on the programs we offer
  • leadership techniques and problem-solving skills
  • activities which are based on developing skills in conflict resolution, communication styles, working with children, building relationships, and program safety

L.I.A. Level 2

12 - 15 Years
Educational, 2 Week Session

Participants who have completed L.I.A. Level 1 will:

  • build on the lessons learned in L.I.A. Level 1 and further develop skills to help prepare participants for future volunteer and employment opportunities in YMCA day camps
  • learn the principles of Healthy Child Development and how these relate to age-appropriate program delivery, group dynamics, and understanding behaviours
  • play a more active role in program planning and facilitating camp wide activities for day campers
  • learn about and use goal setting and self-reflection, as well as feedback from peers and counsellors to help to build and improve skills, and give participants confidence in their leadership abilities

Note:  The L.I.A. Level 1 and 2 programs are  each 2 weeks.  Participants must complete both levels in order to successfully complete the educational component of the program and move to the practical.


Fees, Per 2-Week Session

Fees for Short Weeks, Sessions 1 and 6

Short Sessions

CK-W YMCA Members receive a $5.00 discount on leadership day camps.



July - Level 1

July - Level 2

August - Level 1

August - Level 2

July  2 - 12

Short Session

July  15 - 26

July 29 - August 9

Short Session

August  12 - 23

Leaders in Action 3

13-15 years
Practical, 2 Week Session

Participants who have completed levels 1 and 2 of our Leaders in Action Educational portion will put their new skills and knowledge into practice in this practical component of the program, and will:

  • work with a counsellor for the week to assist with day to day program planning and facilitation. 
  • learn more about self-evaluation, and along with the counsellor will identify strengths, and strategies for continued development.  
  • add valuable experience to their resumes and jump-start future volunteering opportunities at the YMCA

Participants are welcome to complete multiple weeks of the L.I.A. Practical program and will be placed with different age groups and camps based on their interest and previous experience.  

Note:  High school Volunteer hours are not awarded for the participation in the Leaders in Action program. Placement in our Day Camp as part of this paid-for program is intended to be a practical application of the leadership skills gained throughout level 1 and level 2.


Fees, Per 1-Week Session

Fees for Short Weeks, Sessions 1 and 6

Fees for Short Week, Session 6

 CK-W YMCA Members receive a $5.00 discount on leadership day camps.


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