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Tuck Shop at Camp


In our ongoing quest to encourage and model healthy living and eating choices, our camps will limit the number of times, and the amount of snack food items campers may purchase during the session.  Snacks are between $1 - $2 each, and campers may choose 3 items each day they have tuck.


Prices vary from year to year, but generally, prices for camp gear are:

  • Ki-Wa-Y crested camper t-shirts and hats, about $15
  • Water bottles, $10 - $25
  • Stuffed mascots, about $12 

Most of these items, and also some additional gear, can be purchased ahead of time. See the information about our Online Tuck Below

Arranging Money for Tuck at Camp

We strongly encourage all parents to arrange for tuck money online, before your child goes to camp, rather than sending cash with your camper. This can be easily done at our online tuck shop (see below). 

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will be processed back to your credit card only for amounts over $5. Leftover tuck money less than $5 will be donated directly to the camp fund, to help send kids to camp.

Online Tuck Shop

You may purchase camp gear online, and we will ship it to your home ahead of camp, or, for no shipping cost, we will have it waiting for your child at camp.  (crested gear specific to 2018 is not yet available)  We also sell sleeping bags, rain gear, and other items.

We encourage campers to buy their camp gear directly from our website prior to their arrival at camp.  In order to avoid shipping fees, you can indicate "pick up at camp" and we will have your child's order ready for his or her arrival.

Use the following link for these purchases, and to arrange tuck money for your child at camp.