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Belwood's Activities

Regardless of what your child's interests are before coming to camp, we guarantee they will learn and experience new things. Canoeists become sailors, archery enthusiasts become arts and crafts lovers, and 4-square aficionados become BMX biking experts. The opportunities for fun, learning, and adventure are endless!


Belwood's claim to fame! Belwood's leisure-depth swimming pool is perfect for your child to cool off enjoy fun games and activities, always supervised by lifeguard qualified staff. We also have the option to swim in the lake.

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Lessons begin with water safety, as well as proper selection of a PFD (personal flotation device, or lifejacket) and paddle. Campers learn basic strokes and develop their skills while, if they wish, achieving the various levels. Use of a PFD is mandatory in all boats, at all times.

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Experience the excitement and independence of paddling a kayak on your own! Time on the water includes: Qualified, encouraging, and supportive supervision and instruction, proper paddle and P.F.D. selection, safety and boundary instruction and review, and the opportunity to achieve levels.

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Supportive, encouraging, fun and qualified instruction and supervision. 5-8 year olds learn some rigging, but the focus is having fun and feeling comfortable on the water. Older campers can progress through levels, and once confident, have the option to sail our smaller boats alone.

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We KNOW you know the song! All of our boating programs provide qualified, supportive and fun instruction, beginning with water safety and proper P.F.D. selection. Fun games geared toward ensuring campers feel comfortable on the water and learn some boating mechanics.

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We practice catch, identify and release. 

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Often voted one of the most popullar activities!
All campers are taught how to safely manage equipment, and are supervised closely by instructors. Learn technique and let the arrow fly toward the target! Campers have the opportunity to progress through levels

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BMX biking

BMX Biking is a favourite for our older campers! Campers must be able to touch the ground with flat feet while on a bike (generally older than 7). Safety techniques and proper use of gear; closed toe shoes required, we supply helmets and pads. Multiple courses on diverse terrain. Relays, games, challenges and levels

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Awesome camp creations! For "crafties" and those who think they're not, we can help you explore your creative side! some options may include beading, paper mache, picture frames, rock buddies, bracelets, and "Art on Fire," paint-your-own pottery. (some pieces at an additional cost)

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aka Outdoor Living Skills, with an emphasis on actively learning new, fun and exciting skills! some activities may include shelter building, fire building, exploring in nature

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Sometimes traditional, sometimes, crazy, creative twists on the classics! At Belwood we play soccer, football, volleyball, obstacle courses, running games and others.

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Drama & Creative Arts

Camp is the BEST place for drama activities! Sometimes known as "Theatresports," these sessions include a variety of active games, dress-up, improv, miming, mask-making and more.

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