VP of Camping Message, Spring 2016 - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

VP of Camping Message, Spring 2016

Manager of outdoor services

...a message from Callum McKee,
VP of Camping

What an awesome spring for our Alumni Family events! I'm pleased to report that we had 251 participants, 169 adults/82 children attend events at Belwood, Ki-Wa-Y and Wabanaki. There is nothing better than seeing the happy faces and often even screams of delight as alumni get out of their cars and start looking around and recognizing familiar (slightly older) faces!

If you have missed these fantastic events this year, no worries, just mark your calendars for next spring! We have been doing this every year since 2006, so the numbers are continuously growing each year! Click Past Events to see alumni event pictures and who attended.

In addition to our alumni days, there has been lots of action at the camps, with the regular stream of school and group visitors, and, of course, our ongoing projects:

At Belwood: the pool is almost ready for swimmers, and the cabin interiors are progressing as well! (thanks both to Amatol and Bacchanal for their work at Belwood!)

At Wab: preparation is underway for the dining hall addition!

At Ki-Wa-Y: the greenhouse and garden are ready for some experimental planting, and thanks again to Amatol, for the new boating dock!


Callum McKee