VP of Camping Message, Fall 2017 - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

VP of Camping Message, Fall 2017

Manager of outdoor services

...a message from Callum McKee,
VP of Camping

Hello Alumni!

I'm excited to share with you how your Camp Fund donations are making a difference and changing lives at all three of our YMCA camps.

With $25,000 of Camp Fund interest this last year, you helped send 25 children to overnight camp, who, without this help, would not have been able to attend.  You also helped complete multiple program and construction projects at Belwood/Ki-Wa-Y/Wabanaki, greatly enhancing the camper experience at each camp.

Belwood - Your dollars went to work helping renovate the Epping/Kimberly cabin interior.  The transformation from the original cabin built in the eighties is fantastic, with new pine siding, bunks, and lighting, making it a very welcoming home away from home.

Ki-Wa-Y - Your dollars made a difference by helping install a long awaited new rubber tarmac surface, and a brand new climbing wall.  This past season, more camp fun was had, and memories made with our present generation of campers and staff climbing, playing foursquare, ball hockey, and basketball.

Wabanaki - With your help, the fantastic new and improved dining hall has been completed.  It has been an exceptional year for all our campers and staff who are now able to gather for meals on the same floor, with a noticeably enhanced sense of community and camaraderie.


Callum McKee
VP of Camping