VP of Camping Message, Fall 2016 - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

VP of Camping Message, Fall 2016

Manager of outdoor services

...a message from Callum McKee,
VP of Camping

This past summer and fall have been very exciting with major projects at all three of our camps at various stages of completion!

After a few blips along the way, the Belwood pool was fully operational this past summer. Although I was able to visualize the finished product while taking part in the planning process, I was not prepared to see actual transformation the pool has made to the site! And that was only the beginning...once we added a bunch of delighted campers and staff, it really was an amazing sight (and sound!) to behold!

The Ki-Wa-Y greenhouse and garden is also well underway. Some of our full-time staff were busy in the fall doing some trial planting, with great results! You know that feeling when you plant your first garden from seed and it actually produces...that's where we're at! We'll be moving full speed ahead come spring.

And finally, the Wabanaki dining hall reno is well into the framing stages, thanks to great fall weather. We hope to have it enclosed before the snow flies (and stays) which appears to be a realistic goal. In May, we'll finish the interiors, and then we'll be ready for a new camping season!

Our goal is always to enrich the camp experience we provide to so many children and youth, and we clearly are very lucky to continue to be connected to our alumni members who share this priority. There is never enough space here to thank our loyal donors, supporters, and volunteer work groups, Amatol and Bacchanal who have ALL played integral roles in moving these, and many other amazing projects forward.

Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!


Callum McKee