VP of Camping Message, Spring 2015 - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

VP of Camping Message, Spring 2015

a message from Callum McKee, VP of Camping

Manager of outdoor services

Happy Spring, Alumni!

Camp is thriving! I am happy to share with you that K-W YMCA Camping registration is as strong as ever, and that parents today continue to see the great value of an overnight camp experience for their children, just as they did yester-year when you were at camp with us. Check out this cool video of some of our alumni recalling what camp did for them!

Our camps continue to be an invaluable source of unique opportunities for today's youth by promoting and modelling healthy community values, and providing opportunities to develop, explore, and take risks in a safe environment. Today's campers are no different from you, still counting down the days to the first day of camp when they can return to the comfort of their "second home." Also similar to your days with us, are campfires today where many of the same camp songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s are still being sung. It's a different generation but many great traditions and attitudes toward the experience continue!

Thank you for your continued support of the camp projects and the Camp Fund. Every day, your generous donations have a huge impact on many camp kids, and are integral to the preservation of the camps' sites. Thanks again for continuing to give back to camp!

We are very grateful to many of our alumni members who have included our camps in their giving portfolios. Have you ever considered such a gift? We welcome you to consider giving to the camps in this way, and think you might agree...what better place to give? You know it, you have lived it, and you recognize the impact it had on your own life.
To our most recent alumni who have supported us during their time at camp through the annual staff auctions, thanks again for your years of support. We are currently working on something for you to continue to support your camp at auction time, stay tuned!

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer.

Callum McKee, VP
KW YMCA Camping