Ki-Wa-Y Alumni Day 2016 - YMCA of Three Rivers Waterloo Region

Ki-Wa-Y Alumni Day 2016

  • Adrienne (Kistner) and Ian Brewster, with Isla and Marlowe     


alumni members at table in dining hall


alumni members with children in dining hall

alumni member with children


alumni member with children in dining hall


alumni swimming with kids 


Alumni member holding child

alumni members


alumni child in helmet


alumni kids at ropes course


alumni member's child in the mud


alumni member helping child with archery

staff member helping child to archery

alumni kids at tetherball

  • Rebecca Channer
  • Shannon (Corrigan) Thompson with William and Lucy
  • Kayleen and Mike Ellison with Reece, Paige, Emmett
  • Hilary (Asselstine) and Jimmy Gagnon, with Wyatt and Layla
  • Sarah (Munoz) and Trevor Gardiner, with Easson and Cameron
  • Stacey Gorloff
  • Stephanie Gorloff
  • Julie Harrington with Zachary, Kiera, Leyton, Aimee
  • Melanie Harris with Lucie
  • Chris and Heather (Asselstine) Inch with Ruby, Claire, Samuel
  • Christiana Koebel
  • Liz (Kennedy) Lafortune with Amelia and Emmett
  • Celina Leach and Scott Underwood, with Hunter
  • Dave and Olivia Logan
  • Paula and Callum McKee, Elena 
  • Michael Ormston-Holloway, Jane Weber with Simon and Oliver
  • Teresa Palubeski and family
  • Amy (Vaughan) Pinto with Victoria and Lucas
  • Julie Robertson, Guy Lachapelle with Sebastien and Theo 
  • Jordan Scorgie
  • Katherine Sestan Jones with Ella, Ava, Emmett
  • Brook Thiessen with Cedar, Aurora, Sky
  • Paloma Von fielitz, Jared Johnston with Connor, Lily, Jason, Violet
  • Caitie (Lloyd) and Chris Wright with Ethan and Hudson

alumni member with baby


alumni member in canoe with children


staff member with two alumni kids

alumni member swimming with kids


alumni member in canoe with children


staff an alumni children playing hockey on tar mac


two alumni kids


alumni child climbing ladder at ropes course


alumni kids playing hockey on tar mac

staff helping child with harness