Camp Fund

YMCA Camps value young people. Our focus is on developing the potential of every camper, and building strong character consistent with YMCA values. YMCA Camps encourage friendship, learning, and healthy child development, while providing positive role models to support children.

Your gift to the Camp Fund supports the development, operations, and involvement of youth within outdoor and camping environment, helping us ensure that all children have the opportunity to attend camp, where they can make new friends, have fun, and discover their full potential.

The Camp Fund, with the Glen Baechler Fund will provide for future generations of YMCA Campers by raising $1,000,000 plus. We are very pleased to report that the Camp Fund, currently boasts over $512,000 of donations, with a significant amount of funds donated by our Alumni, their families and their friends.

With support from camp people like you, we will continue to build on this substantial base, with every gift amount making a difference in the lives of children and youth.


We hope you will consider giving to the Camp Fund, so your gift will continue to give to our camps,
year after year after year.

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On behalf of many future campers and staff, thank you for your help!

Barry & Debroah Amos
Heather Anderson
Tiffany Anjema
Pat Baird
Thom Bell
Glenn Baechler
Tim Barnard
Lori Barnes
Brian Barras
Catherine (Moss) Bauman
Margo & Doug Bean
Edwin W. Bearinger
John & Lori Beck
Charles Belair
Kevin Beleskey
Shirley Berch
Lois & Gordon Bergen
Lawrence Bingeman
Sonia L. Bjorkquist
Thomas Blaikie
William Bobier
Ethel Bock
Jane Booth
Danica Brant
Victor Braun
J. Lesley Braun
Thomas Brock
Douglas W. Brown
Alex & Trish Brown
Phil & Jane Brown
Sandra Brunk
Robert & Judith Buck
Maaike Buma
Lynn & John Burkhardt
Bernie & Marg Burnett
Stephanie Butler
Scott & Nancy Butler
Mary Butler
John Butler
Janis Butler & Walter Bachinski
John & Kay Cairns
Carole & Dick Capling
Denyse & Santo Carbone
Monica Carter
Pat Caughill
Bill Chappell
John Chelchowski
Darcy Chelchowski
James Chmiel
Doris Chown
Beckie Clair
Adam & Julie Clair
Bill Clappell
Lesley Colgan
Karen Collins
Peter Cooper
Randy Corsini
Nancy Anne Cowan
Paul Craven
Len Croth
Doug & Gillian Cunningham
Anne Dahmer
Linda Dalgetty
Kaitlin Ruth Dare
Yvonne Davis
D'arcy Delamere
Sherri & John Delaney
C. Delorenzi
Branden Derry
Annette Diaz
Fred & Doreen Dienesch
Phil & Jane Dietrich
Stacey Dineen
Robert & Helen Drimmie
Ted & Deb Dueck
Melissa & Andrew Duguid
Heather (Schmitt) Earl
Darren East
Ruth E. Edwards
David Edwards
Allan Edwards
Amanda Ellison
George & Jennifer Ensing
Marnee Ewasko
Stefanie Feth
Tim Follings
Catherine Fors
Tosa Forwell
Lavern Forwell
Terrence & Jan Friedmann
Laura Gilmore
Sharon Good
Marjorie Goodyear
Demetre Goros
Kathi Gortzen
Stacey C. Green
Murray Grose
Henning Grumme
John Haddock
Christine N. Haeberlin & David M. Smith
Marilyn Haessler
Peter Hahn
Elliott Hahn
Brian Hahn
Derek Hamilton
Lynda & Harold Hammond
Peter Haney & Elizabeth Sproule
James & Erika Haney
Jenna Hanson
Marilyn Harder
Margot Hartley
FJ Harvey
Julie Hause
Robert & Carol Heffernan
JJ Hemphill
William Henderson
David W. Henry
Virginia Hess
William & Elizabeth Hill
Sandy & Jamie Hill
Jonathan & Roxann Hill
Owen, Hudson, and Taryn Hill
Joan Hill
Bradley Hill & Stephanie Ledger
Werner Hohn
Kelly Holloway
John Honey
Scott & Joan Hubbard
Kevin Huckle
Stephanie Hunsberger
Ivan & Carol Hurlbut
Ken & Betty Huryk
Su Hutchinson-Mitchell
Judith Illidge
Chris & Heather Inch
Ian Ireland
Maryanne Islip
Robert & Roberta Jessup-Ramsay
Linda (Spence) and Mike Jans
Mark & Verena Jones
Neil Kain
Denise Kamo
Tom & Beth Kaufman
Sarah Kaufman
Susan Kirk
Patricia Klassen
Michael Klosch
Chris Kraemer
Rob & Erinn Kruschat & Family
Sarah Kurtz
James Kuskoff
Monica Kuzyk
James and Renee Laforet
Larry & Patricia Laurin
Gregory & Lisa Laurin
Sarah Lawless & Evans Rob
Donna Leamen 
Jack Ledger
Cindy & Stan Lee
James W. Leech & Deborah Barrett
Michelle Leone
Connor Letford
L. Graydon Liddle
Theresa Liu
Larry Lowenstein

Steven Lubczuk
George & Debra Mackie
Patricia Luddington
Pablo Machetzki
Greg & Pam Madill
Mark & Denise Mayer
James & Shelley Mayer
Brandon McFarlane
Nancy McHugh & Family
Callum & Paula McKee
Sheila McLean
Carla McLennan
Janet & Steve McOrmond
Joan McWha
Greg Medwid
Lauren Merrifield
Dennis & Peg Meyer
Mary Lou Miller
Amanda Milne
Ray & Wendy Miske
Mike & Karen Miske
Brian & Stephanie Miske
Matt Missere
Tara & Michel Mondou
Matt Montanes
Greg Moore
Cheryl Morris-Roberts
Mervyn Mothersall
Olaf Naese
Anne Neibert
Melodie & Dan O'Connell
Liz Oldridge
Sean O'Leary
John & Anne O'Neill
Leslie Ormston
Michael Ormston-Holloway
Teresa Palubeskie
Louise Paquette
Carol Pastorius
Andrew Pawley
Samantha Pawley
Tim & Pat Penner
Neil Perrett
Jack Peterson
Daniel & Ingrid Pfohl
Ron & Norma Pineau
Peter Pitton
Debbie Planz
Amanda & Joshua Planz
Rob Platt
Jim Playford
Sharon & David Potter
Powell & Bonnell
James R. Prange
Phil Rason
Douglas Ratchford
Sylvia Rees
David Reier
John Rhodes
Rick & Kim Riediger
Pat Riehl
Shelley & Dan Riepert
James Ritzer
Spencer Roberts
Julie Robertson & Guy Lachapelle
Jim Robertson & Brian Montoux
Barbara Roth
Sheryl & Mark Runstedler
Jill (Schmitt) and John Sanderson
Gordon Saunders
Anni Saunders
Steve Sayer & Chyrsta Reid
Gwendolyn Schedewitz
Jeanette Schmidt
John and Laura Schmitt
Peter & Jane Schmitt
Phil Schmitt & Sheena Macdonald
Margaret Schmitt
Tim Schmitt
Tom Schneider
Phyllis Schreiter
Debbi & John Schreiter
Dorothy Schulz
Edward Scorgie
Mary & Jack Sehl
Mark & Marilyn Sekulin
Heather Setka
John & Gail Sharoun
Julie Sheehan
Carol & August Sherban
Tim & Ellen Shute
Ron C. Sills
Judith Sitts
Pat Skinner and Mike Cocker
Cameron & Ann Smith
Nicole Smurthwaite
Dale Snyder
Dietmar Sommerfeld
John Spearn
Elizabeth Sproule & Peter Haney
Elaine Stamp
Ken & Carol Steele
Lane B. Stevens
Anna Beth Stewart
Stephen Stieler
Nancy Stilwell
Jeremy & Teresa Storer
Bruce & Jean Sunderland
Scott & Patricia Sutherland
Nancy & Howard Sutherland
Barb Sutherland & Paul Flemming
Peter & Judy Suttie
Adam Swindells
Trinh Tai
Rachel Tanner
John & Linda Taylor
Halyna Tepylo
Gary Thede
Marc & Elena Thibeault
Jon & Leslie Thiele
Brook Thiessen
Bob & Marilyn Thiessan
Gail Thomas
Oscar & Lois Thompson
Jennifer Tummonds
David & Cheryl Uhrig
Janet Valentine
Pieternella VanLooyen
Kate Veitch
Michael & Jennifer Virley
Jennifer V.K. and Steve McC.
Dave Voigt
Guy Voisin
Diane Wagner
Heather Walden Beitz
David Weber
Diane Weber
Irv Weber
James Weber
Jordan Weber
Paul Weber
Taylor Weber
Harry Weich
Margit Weiss
Brenda Weiss
Jacoba Wesseling
Ralph & Hazel Westfall
David J. Westfall
Kim Wilkinson
Michael E. Woeller
Marion Woeller
Jon & Lynn Woeller
Caitie & Chris Wright
Sue Yeshin
Dianne Young
Cortney Young
Marjorie Yoworski
Don Zehr

In memory of Marg Hoops

the Dodington Family concert, in memory of Josh Gardiner




4M Construction
Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
Bacchanal Alumni Work Group
Butler Dentistry Professional Corporation
Camp Belwood Staff Auctions
Camp Ki-Wa-Y Staff Auctions
Camp Wabanaki Staff Auctions
Courtney's Wholesale
Crawford Class Action Services
Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario - Waterloo Region Teachers Local
Erb & Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Fitzgerald Motors Inc.
Hemmerich Hearing Centre
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.
Kodiak Group Holdings Co.
Louis Veenstra Construction
Mabel's Labels Inc.
Merry Melodies Choir
Rotary Club of Kitchener
Sodexo - DBA Entegra Inc. (Ontrack)
Sunlife Financial Volunteer Program
Sysco Central Ontario, Inc.
The K-W Senior Gyro Club
Wilfred Laurier University - Your Friends of the Library

At the time of posting great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of our donors. If you discover an error or omission please accept our apology and notify us at or 519-699-5100.