Board of Directors - CKW YMCA

Board of Directors

Collaborative Relationship

In June 2007, the YMCA of Cambridge and the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA agreed to formalize an ongoing collaboration arrangement that continues to be in place.

Each YMCA continues to exist as its own legal entity with its own Board of Directors and retain its existing rights and responsibilities with separate financial statements.

Because two YMCAs continue to exist, the relationship between the YMCAs is different than an amalgamation or merger which would see them replaced by a single legal entity.

Each YMCA will continue to be responsible and responsive to its community.

In order to work together, the two Associations will share a common mission, vision, values, strategic plan, human resources policy and delivery of programs and services.

The two YMCAs are operating as if they were one (without being one)  with a common organizational structure that assists their ability to respond to the current and future needs of their communities.