About Us

A place for families and their children

  • A safe and welcoming environment to foster play and attachment
  • Opportunities to decrease social isolation
  • Purposeful learning opportunities
  • Access to screening tools to support in early identification and intervention 
  • Knowledgeable staff to support you in your role as a parent, caregiver or as a professional working with children and families
  • Opportunities to build relationships within your family and your community
  • A one stop access point for resources and community support

Our centres are funded by the Province of Ontario, Ministry of Education, and adhere to all regulations and standards set out by the Child Care and Early Years Act. Learn more about the new early years rules in Ontario: what providers and parents need to know

Parent Testimonial

 "My daughter was never a good sleeper during the day or night. I started to experience the baby blues and felt isolated at home alone with her. With the lack of sleep I just didn't have the energy to go out. My days revolved around just waiting for her to fall asleep for even just 20 minutes at a time. A friend of mine suggested the Early Years Centre. I was able to  talk with other moms who were experiencing the same feelings as me. I didn't get more sleep but I did get energy from being around other people. My daughter also seemed to be happier when we were out around other people which made my days easier. The Early Years Centre helped me to meet other moms, deal with my baby blues and remove my feelings of isolation. "

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