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We encourage all parents to arrange for tuck money, online, before your child goes to camp.  This can be easily done at our online tuck shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will be processed back to your credit card only for amounts over $5. Leftover tuck money less than $5 will be donated directly to the camp fund, to help send kids to camp.

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In our ongoing quest to encourage and model healthy living and eating choices, we have decided to limit the number of times, and the amount of tuck items campers may purchase.  Food tuck will be offered twice per one-week session, but other tuck shop items will be available a few other times throughout the week. Snacks are between $1 - $2 each, and campers may choose two items each day they have tuck.

Prices vary from year to year, but generally, prices for camp gear are:

  • Belwood crested camper t-shirts and hats, about $15
  • Water bottles, $10 - $25
  • Stuffed mascots, about $12
  • "Art on Fire" paint-your-own pottery pieces are often available during crafts sessions, and depending on what the camper chooses to paint, may require an additional fee. (pieces range between $5 - $20.  Tiles to paint, which are available to interested campers, are $3, purchased by the camp and provided at no fee to the campers.)

We suggest $40 for a week at Belwood; unused money is refunded at the end of the week

A few other notes:
  • We encourage campers to buy their camp gear directly from our website prior to their arrival at camp.  In order to avoid shipping fees, you can indicate "pick up at camp" and we will have your child's order ready for his or her arrival.
  • For the same reasons that we do not allow food in care packages, please do not send extra food along with your camper.


We are excited to bring you our new tuck shop located at Shopify.ca. After much research, we have concluded that creating our "store" with Shopify was the most secure and user-friendly way to go. We are confident that you will find the entire process easier than before, and and we continue to guarentee our products and delivery service.


Delivery is available to your home for a fee, or items can be delivered directly to your child when he or she arrives at camp.

Contact Us

Any questions or concerns?  Please give our office a call at 519-699-5100, or email camp@ckwymca.ca


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